Tuesday, May 22, 2007

everyday a new day.

I would like to begin this post with a statement regarding the sheer greatness of modest mouse. Modest Mouse is undisputedly the band that i can enjoy all of the time. If i were trapped on an island with only one cd and a solar powered cd player, i would bring a comp with every modest mouse song ever on it. Maybe that's bending the rules a little, but i don't care. This is my fabricated scenario, after all, and it is really just an illustration of my high regard for Modest Mouse.

That said, damn! there were so many people at that show! Stupid everybody loving the band i love. Stupid universally applicable music. (Universally, as used in this sentence, should be understood to encompass only people between the ages of 13 and 30 who reside in western countries. Maybe with a few outliers.)

But enough! This is such a small part of what has happened, and there are no photos worth posting. On to more interesting (possibly) adventures.

We left San Jose on Thursday, and headed straight to the Sequoia forest. California, with all of its bounty, blessed us with a few fruit groves full of ripe things to eat. So we stopped, and picked, and ran away. Here is an example of one of these actions:

There are a number of amazing trees in the forest, but the most renowned is probably General Sherman. Here is a little taste of what a big tree it is:

We circled back to the highway after spending a day in the forest and drove all of the way to Bakersfield, CA. I think that Anthony's dad said a lot of people from Oklahoma live there. Maybe they do. All i am sure about is that it smells like engineering and a fox jumped on our car in the middle of the night. And i think i woke up sometime and set the clock ten minutes forward.

Oh, on the way, we saw the most incredibly honest gas station we've ever seen. The people there weren't even fazed by the name.

It is!

Soon after Bakersfield (maybe the next day?) we drove to New York and Paris. Just a joke! It was Vegas!

Las Vegas is a strange town. It is hot all of the time, and we were constantly bombarded by advertisements for strippers. We were not bombarded by impressionists. We saw a lot of fish and some lions, and a lot of people were either happy or apathetic. I can't remember anyone that wasn't trashed being sad. But, by four in the morning, most people were trashed. Yay, free drinks!

I won ten dollars on a quarter machine. I really just played it for the old-timey pull handle, but hey, I didn't mind free money.

We drove to the Grand Canyon the next morning, which was Sunday. We drove over the Hoover Dam on our way.

Sunday night we camped the Canyon, and we woke early to commence some life-risking experiences. We are mountain goats. Or just lucky. Or lucky, lucky mountain goats.

From the Grand Canyon, we drove to albuquerque, where we are currently sitting on a couch in a coffee shop and soaking up some air conditioning. We are scurrying home, excited about friends and showers and beds. Yay, home! We're ready for you! Get ready for us! Prepare your arms for hugs! Prepare your mouths for conversations! Prepare your hearts for love!



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Maka said...

it will be wonderful to have you back! thanks for the canyon pics...i lived & worked there for a summer season back in the late '80s. i haven't been back since, and i would dearly love to go again someday.