Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It has been a long road since last we wrote.

Highway One and California have treated Jeanie and I very well these last few weeks.

After leaving Crater Lake (last post) on the fourth, we headed south to Medford, Oregon. While we were there, we hung out at a local coffee shop, dumpstered a bit, and got into the movies. It was a really fun night. We saw about twenty minutes of 'The Condemned' (booo), all but the first few minutes of 'Hott Fuzz' (woooo!) and all of Spider-Man 3 which wasn't too bad. We got in on opening night for free so that made it a lot cooler. Later that night we crashed in the car and headed south in the morning.

Our first stop was a beautiful Redwood grove.

(be prepared for way too many pictures)

Before we left the grove, each us gave a biiiiggg tree a biiiiiggg hug.

The first town we arrived in California was Crescent City. We started talking about how nice a shower would be, so we decided to stay at a motel for the night. It was only our second time to stay at a motel on the trip and the last was in Virginia Beach. So, we hung out and took long hot showers and enjoyed having a bed.

The next morning we went down to the water and saw the sights! (The ocean was beautiful!)

After Crescent City we drove south along Highway one. Every now and then we'd stop in cool small towns to hang out on the beach. At one point we snuck passed the toll booth and drove through a redwood tree. (wooo, we are such tourists!) Then later we watched the sunset in Mendocino. (a proud town of 500). Actually, they called it an 'official village', which meant that there weren't any coporate chains or street lights, only stop signs. The town was beautiful- as was the sunset.

Goat Rock in Sonoma National Beach was an amazing find. It seemed that it took pride in being named the second most dangerous beach in Califonia. There were warnings all over about sleeper waves that would take you under if you swam or even wade in the water. So- we waded in the water, chased birds, saw seal along the shoreline (!), and while we walking we discovered drift wood huts on the beach.

After we walked the beach we drove back into the closest town Jenner, bought some Fat Tire, went back down to the beach, made our own tipi style hut and stayed the night on the beach. It was really awesome night.

The next morning we got ahold of Anthony who recently moved to San Jose. We left our beautiful tipi hut and headed south on Highway One to San Jose. Driving through San Francisco we saw the Golden Gate bridge in person for the first time. Though it was covered in fog, it was an exciting moment. Then we had pay the toll to get through- booo.

So, we made it to Anthony's houses. We've been hanging hard for the last few days. We visited Brandon at Stanford, hung out on the beach in Santa Cruz a lot,

we made a fire on a secluded part of the beach with Anthony and his cousin,

and we stenciled the streets a bit. I'm not sure what it means, but there are arrows on the streets and sidewalks pointing different directions with 'USA' sprayed underneath- so we added our own homage.

We hadn't spent much time in San Francisco so yesterday we made a sign and caught a ride to Golden Gate Park. From there we walked around the park, saw beautiful flowers, walked around Haight-Ashbury, talked to traveler kids, and accidently ended up at a free Dinosaur Jr. show at Amoeba Records. Then we made a sign and caught a ride back to San Jose.

So, today is our last day in San Jose. We're going to get the car all ready to go, pack up everything, and then go to Man Man and Modest Mouse show tonight! Woo! They're playing in San Jose tonight and Dylan got us on the list because he rules at being awesome. Yeah!

See you super soon friendlys.


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L. El-Landwel said...

You get mad connection props for getting on that list! HAVE FUN FUN!

USA is acronym for Underground Service Alert: