Thursday, June 7, 2007

Three months and thirty-two states later..

We're home!

Jeanie and I left Albuquerque and drove through to Amarillo. With plans of leaving that night we got something to eat and headed east. While along the way I had grown to love the ale that was Fat Tire and I knew that (for whatever reason) it was not sold in Oklahoma- so we made our way to purchase some Fat Tire before crossing over to Oklahoma.

It was 12:10 when we made it to the cash register with two six packs.

"I'm sorry folks, but it is after midnight."
"You cannot purchase liquor after midnight."
"Really? What about beer?"

We decided to stay in Amarillo for the night and wake up early, load up on Fat Tire, fill the car with gasoline and make our way on home. So, we did just that.

Along the way we saw the 'biggest cross in the midwest!'

and just over the Oklahoma border we saw a field of windmills. Go Wind Power!

We drove into Oklahoma City and stopped at Super Cao Nguyen for groceries then drove south for Norman! Woo!

The roadtrip was officially over. We left Febuary 22 and returned May 23. Three months and thirty-two states later we are home!

There was a lot of living on this trip. While the common question was 'was it fun?' our general feeling is that it was a lot of things- it was living. We had so much fun! But we also had every other feeling there is in and out of days on the road. We have been asked 'was it fun?' We have answered 'it was lving and it wonderful'.

Since we have been back we enjoyed Tim's moustached birthday dance party, saw a lot of good friends, Jeanie and I got our kitties from the nice ladies who took them in for us, Jeanie and Amanda have found a house in the city that they are super excited about, Joe and Joleen have left for traveling, Jeanie, Alyssa, Ryan and I went down to Lake Texoma for the night, there has been wicked hang out time all around.

Oh and Tim, David, and I have a house on University and Grey. It is a bungelo style so we have dubbed such 'The Bungle'. There will soon be this sign that way you'll know it when you see it.

Tim and I have been cleaning up the basement so I might have a room of my own someday.

and now

If you are ever in Norman, Oklahoma and would like to say hello, need a place to sleep, or for any other reason- stop by The Bungle. We'll hang tough and loose, I'm sure.

There was so much love and so much living done on this trip. I Thank you for reading throughout our travels.




L. El-Landwel said...

Thanks for reminding me to get Fat Tire before I get into the motherland. My brother and I once tried to fill up on FT. We bought out the whole strip off I-40 in Amarillo...but it was only a six pack. Another great New Belgium beer is 1554, a black ale. I will attempt to bring you guys some. Very tasty. See you in the summertime!
Hugs and Kisses, Brandon W

The Call Girl Next Door said...
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~cat said...

it is so gooooood to have y'all back!!